Berlin Balls - Summer Lunch

The hottest days are coming and with them the days of holidays on the beach, the baths in salt water and, inevitably, the most delicious snack of summer: Berlin Balls. But do you know the origin of this delicious cake?

The origin of Berlin Balls

As the name suggests, Berlin Balls originated in the German city of Berlin. During the Second World War, they arrived in Portugal via a Jewish family seeking refuge in our country.

“During World War II, a refugee in Portugal, named Davidson, started making at home a cake that she knew from her native country, Germany, and that she sold to other refugees, and then to anyone else who wanted to try it. It was a sweet dough fritter, round as a ball, sprinkled with sugar, into which she injected a cream, usually red. In Germany, the cake was called Berliner Pfannkuchen (Berliner skillet cake), or simply Berlineer Ballen ”.

“These were the first‘ Berlin balls ’, which later would also be sold in pastry shops with some adaptations – cut horizontally and stuffed with the so-called‘ pastry cream ’.”

Today, this is one of the best selling sweets in Portugal, and the choice of choices for a snack by the sea.