Pastelaria e
Confeitaria Rolo

The Pastelaria e Confeitaria Rolo was founded in 1995, dedicating itself to the production of assorted cakes, dry cakes, Granny’s cakes, croissants and brioches, in its factories in Mafra and Óbidos.

We are today one of the biggest Portuguese players in the production of pastry products, being one of the main suppliers of the major chains in the country.

As in all our production units, Pastelaria e Confeitaria Rolo has the HACCP system implemented.


In 2018, Novadolci began production of deep-frozen pastries.

Our mission is to ensure the daily quality and food safety of everything we produce, guaranteeing the excellence of the final product. Thus, we comply not only with the HACCP standards but also with the requirements of the IFS Food Version 6.1 certification, in which we received a score of 95.09%.


Hiperdolci is our newest unit, starting production in 2019. The company specializes in the production and commercialization of pastry and confectionery products.

Based on progressive growth, we are committed to implementing strict Quality measures. Like Novadolci, we have implemented the HACCP system and met the requirements of the IFS Food Version 6.1 certification, in which we received a score of 96.27%.

The two manufacturing units have a total production area of 6,730 m2. Both are equipped with advanced technology: continuous lines, robots and intelligent warehouse.

Frota J&N Rolo

Besides ensuring the whole production process from Rolo Group, we also have our own fleet, J&N Rolo. This way, we guarantee that our products arrive to our clients in the best conditions and on time.