Petit Gateau: A Delicious Mistake

Small in size but huge in flavor, Petit Gateaux are one of the best-known desserts in the world. Its name comes from France and means “little cake”, but have you ever wondered where this little cake came from?

There are two stories that explain the origin of Petit Gateau, one American and one French.

According to the Americans, a chef in the United States overheated the oven to prepare chocolate brownies, causing the “brownies” not to bake completely. The French claim that the invention belongs to chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who made a mistake in the amount of flour and obtained this famous recipe.

Despite the various versions of the story, all allow us to conclude that this dessert emerged from a mistake, becoming one of the tastiest mistakes the world has ever known. Perhaps this is the reason that led other chefs to refine the recipe, incorporating other elements that made the Petit Gateau even more perfect, such as ice cream and various toppings.